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Emily and I created this site to share our experiences building and living in a tiny house on the back of a truck! We have scored an awesome deal on an old motor home which was converted into a truck. Our dream is to build a comfortable, sustainable home on top. The simplistic lifestyle of living in a tiny house attracts us. We would like to downsize and simplify our life. We both love to travel and are excited at the prospect of being able to bring our home with us!

Truck For Sale

My father’s friend had a 1979 Dodge Sportsman Lark for sale. The previous owner had removed the motor home. He rebuilt the engine and transmission and had six new tires put on. He was going to make a heavy duty wood truck out of it, however sadly he died before he could.

A New Home?

My father suggested it would be a great truck to build a tiny house on. I agreed and mentioned it to Emily; I was surprised at her equal enthusiasm. We both saw the opportunity to realize a mortgage free, home of our own, that we could travel the countryside in and live the life our dreams. What could possibly be better?


So we bought the truck; for only $1000, and since have begun making minor repairs. We have researched many different designs and have an ambitious plan for what we want to do. Emily and I have next to no background in construction or engineering and need any help we can get. We’re also building it on a budget. Hence we would appreciate any feedback from the tiny house community. We’d love for you to stay tuned and come along for the ride!

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