Temporary Tail Lights

The tail lights on our truck had been removed when they removed the motor home. When we build our tiny house we will position new tail lights accordingly but in the meantime to be able to drive it on the road I would have to install some temporary tail lights. The truck had been sitting for a long time so I wanted to drive it and burn the engine in before we built a tiny house on top of it.

I identified the wires for each rear blinker and brake light (see my last post). Each side has only one hot wire for the blinker and brake light, the light grounds through the post attached to the frame. I cut two pieces of wire long enough to extend back to the lights and crimped them to the existing wire. I then fed the wire under the frame to the rear of the vehicle.

Our truck has a semi bumper welded on by the previous owner. We plan to remove it when we begin construction on the tiny house. If we remove it we can extend the bed back past the bumper. Not to mention it probably weighs around 200 pounds. The bumper has two fold down steps, one on side. These made convenient mounts for the temporary tail lights. The lights have mounting posts which I fed through the hole in the step. There is a nut that’s screws on to hold it place but I did have to add some large washers due to the size of the holes in the steps. I connected the wires I extended to the lights and.. viola! Both lights worked.

Now that we have brake lights I can drive it on the road safely. They will not be permanent but will serve as a good temporary solution. Affordable and easy to install, they made an effective easy fix for missing tail lights.

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