Easily Fix a Fuel Hose with PVC Pipe

The rubber elbow of our fuel hose had started to deteriorate from sitting in the sun. It wasn’t supported well so the weight had caused even more stress. The hose did not leak, but probably would in the future if the situation was not corrected. We went to a few different parts stores looking for a replacement hose. Unfortunately none of the parts stores had anything pertaining to RVs. Fortunately we found another option. In this article I’ll explain how I used PVC pipe to replace the degraded section of fuel hose.

An Easy Fix

As we were being turned down at the third auto parts store, a fellow customer suggested we use a piece of PVC pipe to repair the fuel hose. The elbow in the fuel hose was the more deteriorated section of the hose. Out of options I decided to give his suggestion a try.

So we went to the hardware store and I purchased a PVC elbow with the same OD as the hose’s ID. I cut out the elbow section of the deteriorated rubber hose and saved the good sections. We fitted the good sections of hose to the PVC elbow and secured them with hose clamps. The repaired hose works well and does not leak.

As we build our tiny house on top we will alter the position of the fuel hose accordingly. However this fix will work as a good temporary solution and allow us to drive the truck.



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