The De Markis Design – Can I Triple Our Floor Space?

While designing our tiny house truck I have researched many different designs. I want to maximize any space we have so I have looked into different types of pop outs. We are attracted to a simple life, free from the constraints brought by over consumption. This feeling is what attracts many to the tiny house life. Tiny house folk are the best at finding space where there is none, I’ve come across many innovative ideas. Yet the De Markis is the only design that triples the floor space in seconds!

Triple the Space – The De Markis

The De Markis was designed by Dutch engineer Eduard Bohtlingk. It is unique in that both sides fold down. This increases the floor space three fold! In Dutch De Markis means ‘the awning’. On each side there are adjustable awnings that fold down to protect you from the weather. It was designed in 1985, and awarded the Public Prize at Rotterdam Design in 1996. However it never went into production. Perhaps because production costs at the time would have been too high.  I am surprised that other trailers of similar design have not come out since as new materials have emerged. Yet is the only trailer with this type of design that I have found.

The DeMarkis Trailer

Temporary vs Permanent

The De Markis was entered in a “Temporary Living” competition and conceived as mobile home. However the tiny house we are designing will be a permanent home. It will also be on the back of a truck, not on a trailer. We would like to use reclaimed wood for the walls of the truck. We like the old rustic look and it will help save money on lumber. However this will add weight and other complications.

The dimensions of the De Markis are 6.5ft x 15.75ft with the sides folded up. We are planning the house section of our truck to be approximately 8ft x 14ft when the sides are folded up. I wanted to design it in such a way that the space was livable without needing to fold the sides down. We hope to be able to travel often and may not always been parked in a location where it is convenient to fold the sides down.

Although we want to reduce our possessions and live a simple tiny life, we also want to be comfortable and not feel cramped. To me this seems like a better option than a pop out, giving me the most floor space, with the least weight, in a simple yet elegant design. Our plan is pretty ambitious, we’ll see if it actually comes to fruition. Follow us at House Truck Living to see if it pans out!

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