About Us

Bonnie & Clyde; Love at First Sight

chris and emily

Emily and I met in 2015. It truly was love at first sight. We started dating right away and have been together ever since.

We’re both naturally curious and adventures. We enjoy exploring the outdoors, historic sites and caving.

I’ve been a independent tech consultant for over ten years. Emily recently completed her Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Anthropology at Southern Oregon University.

Enter: House Truck

Last summer my father informed me that a friend of his wanted to sell an old RV for a $1000 that he had begun converting into a wood truck. The motor and transmission had been rebuilt and it had 6 new tires.

My dad suggested it would make a great truck to build a house on. I agreed but for some reason was surprised to hear the excitement in Emily’s voice when I brought up the idea of building and living in a house on the back of truck.

The prospect fueled both our adventurous spirits and we decided to go for it. We purchased the truck and began designing our dream tiny house.

Please Help!

The progress is unfortunately slow. Especially through the winter. We are new tiny house living and would love the support and input of the community with this project! We are willing to take the time to design and build a tiny portable home that we can live and adventure in for years to come.

We created this blog to share our adventure with you and the tiny house community. We’d love you to join us and would and appreciate your input! Follow our Instagram or Facebook and tell us your experiences. And of course donations are always welcome!